Thursday, July 13, 2017

Battle mat

 I am now the proud owner of a battle mat, I've wanted one for ages and have finally put my hand in my pocket and gone for it. One day I plan to have a small selection to cover most arenas, but for now, a European field should just about cover it all.
 This one is from the BigRedBat shop and was very reasonably priced I thought, it's also large enough to cover my down stairs table which I was hoping for. It will certainly make games a lot more accessible.
 Fresh out of the package, It needs a slight iron to get the folds out but on the whole I'm pleased, loads of little details I had to keep checking to see If they were printed or something under the mat. A nice over all colour scheme as well and a feature that could be used as a dirt road. yep great.
I also have my eye on a forested road map from Cigar Box, but that will have to wait a month or too until I save up.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

ECW Command bases WIP

 My ever evolving ECW regiments took a another turn on their development yesterday after I visited Simon Miller's new ECW blog ' For King and parliament'.

 I had created my three bases with battle hardened men with minimal officers, this did leave me with a pile of unused, angry brass.

After seeing what Simon had planned for his regiments I noticed he had a smaller command base, one that could be put in front or behind the battle line. Well, I thought that tidies up all of my problems in one. My unused officers and drummers get a home, the figure count goes up...which I like. The standards can be moved to the middle block and the sleeves of shotte can be just that and look better for it. I also get to use up a load of HOTT bases (60mm x 40mm) I bought years ago and have never used.

 I had to paint up a few extra musketeers but that was no problem as I already had some on the boil for the next Regiment.

 I think It looks better than how I had It before and It doesn't effect the frontage of the unit, something I am very pleased about. Having a limited playing area, I want to be able to have more than a few units on a side.

Receiving cavalry can look a little more authentic as well with an extra base.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Basing Gundabad

 The orcs of Gundabad finally get there tufts and flock after sitting for a while on the shelf.  These were really fun to do, partly because a lot of them were created from plastic kits, with most of them being conversions.

 I have a lot more of these orcs made up and look forward to swelling the Gundabad horde, they are addictive to make and paint.
The large rocks are painted using Foundry's Granite tri-colour range. I gave them a brown wash around where they met the ground, then gave them a green wash in 'splodges' all over. The green helps gives them a kind of 'fantasy' look I think.

The Eagles too got their finishing touches and can finally fly back to the highest shelves.

Basing the Wolves and Wargs

 Last night as the moon rose high in the sky, howls of delight were heard coming from the mountains. The long awaited night of basing had come again after seven years of waiting. This is the hallowed night were flock and tufts are added to the dry brushed sand and stones.
 I do like to sprinkle a few mixed herds on the bases to act as bracken or leaf matter.Also a few twigs from the garden were added for fallen trees, very useful on troll bases.

 The wolves of the mountains are mostly grey with a few variants on this theme, however, the Wargs I had made very dark If not black in contrast.
Three large Wargs equal five lesser wolves. In Dragon Rampant six of these will be classed as a unit of Greater War beast.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Beorn the Great Black Bear

 I gave his black fur a blue grey dry brush to give it a sheen. I was tempted to paint him brown, even Peter Jackson could not resist that temptation, but Beorn was a great black bear. So, to make the figure a little more interesting I gave him a brown muzzle and ears.
 I turned 46 last week and man I couldn't see a thing when I was trying to paint this beast. Quite depressing when you realize your sight is failing. Even with my classes I struggled in the table light.

 Last night I went on eBay and odered a £80 day light  lamp that should blast those shadows away and ordered some stronger glasses off Amazon. Lets just hope it helps, at least my hand isn't shaky yet, always a bonus.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Orc with Axe

After having some success with Perry miniatures arms and weapons and Warlord Orcs torsos, I thought I would try some different plastic ranges for conversion. This nasty looking ocry axe comes from Northstar/Osprey Frost Grave plastic soldier set.
 It's very addictive creating new figures with different poses and equipment, endless possibilities. Much fun.